Factory Planning

DATASCOPE WMS is not a factory planning tool but helps with the planning process.

Deciding what jobs to open and where to run those jobs in your factory is the subject of a planning tool. However, most planning tools consider capacity but need to consider material availability. DATASCOPE WMS does not consider your capacity, but it does manage your stock availability.

Consider a large factory that opens ninety to one hundred jobs per day. Each job has anything from ten raw materials to over forty. If you used the SYSPRO trial kitting on each product, you would probably see enough raw materials available. But if you add all the jobs, you will see that some key materials will run out. Many planning departments do not do a good job of checking this. They open the jobs and release them to the floor. Then halfway through the morning, the pickers start to run out of key ingredients, and you are left with half-picked orders lying all over the floor waiting for purchasing to expedite a shipment.

With DATASCOPE WMS, the software completes a full and detailed reservation during every release of a packing slip. The software, therefore, knows the accurate balance of available raw materials to allocate to the next job. As the planner releases job after job, the raw material balance will reduce until such a time that jobs start to only partially reserve component stock. At this point, the software can be set to stop releasing.

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