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Introducing DATASCOPE 23R2: Enhancements driven by customer feedback

At DATASCOPE, we believe in the power of customer collaboration and continuous improvement. As part of our 2023 Annual Strategic Development Roadmap, we strongly emphasize enhancing our software based on your valuable input. We encourage all our customers to share their suggestions and optimization requests through our dedicated DSP network, enabling us to align our software roadmap with your evolving needs. We are thrilled to announce that in just the past two months, we have successfully implemented 28 new customer-requested enhancements, cementing our commitment to delivering a superior user experience.
One of the core pillars of the 23R2 version is the integration of Customer Specific Enhancement Requests. We prioritize bridging the gap between customer expectations and their experiences. We empower end-users to provide feedback and feature requests that directly influence the software’s functionality, resulting in optimal performance and heightened satisfaction. With the 23R2 release, we have taken significant strides toward aligning our software with your unique requirements.
Additionally, we understand the importance of software stability, and that’s why the 23R2 version includes comprehensive baseline and roundoff testing. By thoroughly evaluating the product’s performance, we have made substantial improvements to enhance its stability, ensuring a seamless and reliable user experience. We are proud to introduce 19 new Feature Requests and over 79 Minor Updates and Improvements in this release, further solidifying DATASCOPE as the go-to solution for your WMS software needs.
With DATASCOPE 23R2, we continue to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous innovation. Your feedback has been instrumental in shaping this version, allowing us to create a software solution that aligns with your evolving business requirements. Experience the power of customer-driven enhancements and explore the enhanced functionality and stability of DATASCOPE’s latest release. Upgrade today and unlock a world of possibilities for your organization.

A few highlights from the 23R2 release

  • New HTML5 application for Track ID Status Update
  • Reassignment of Picking Slips from HTML5 Picking applications
  • Ability to checkout Complete cartons from HTML5 Inline Checkout application
  • Counting of Empty Bins when doing a Stock Take in WMS
  • Ability to change the currency displayed on the KPI Dashboard
  • Tracing the SYSPRO Journal Number against Track IDs from within WMS
  • Improvements to Cycle Counting applications – Pre-Assigning Scheduled Cycle counts to Operators, Handling of Bins in Balance for scheduled counts, Confirming empty bins for scheduled counts, Additional information fields in Cycle Count History
  • Journal Number traceability in DATASCOPE WMS,
  • SSCC Numbering across all picking,


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