DATASCOPE University is DATASCOPE's Online Learning Portal. DATASCOPE University is geared towards providing quality Warehousing and WMS Software Training to our Partners and Clients. We aim for our training to be informative, topical, relevant to each student and to-the-point. As far as possible, training topics are presented in an interactive, multimedia environment. Text-based resources are also provided and these can be printed if desired.

Progress Assessments are made by means of online Quizzes and question types may include Multiple Choice questions, True-False, Matching Q & A. These are a comprehensive evaluation of the course material, but aim to be fair.

The full curriculum includes the following modules:

DATASCOPE Solution Provider Model

This module covers the full process required when a new DSP (DATASCOPE Solution Provider) joins the DATASCOPE WMS family.Here we teach the new partner everything about our business, from how to sell our software to how to implement and support the software.

DATASCOPE Project Life Cycle

Everything we do in DATASCOPE requires adherence to a methodology. Our implementations are no exception. Here we teach you our secret implementation methodology. With this methodology and a thorough knowledge of the software you can expect to implement successful turn key projects to clients.

DATASCOPE Solution Models

The DATASCOPE WMS software has been implemented in many very different manufacturing and distribution companies. Over time we have designed a number of the more standard configurations that can be implemented. It is good to learn these models as it will lay a foundation on which your software knowledge will grow.


This course covers many concepts and terms you will come across over time when working in the WMS space. This module is not about our software but rather about all aspects of warehouses, racking types, material handling equipment, checkout systems, etc etc. Here you will get a good grounding in the subject of warehouse management.

DATASCOPE Functionality

This module is focuses on the DATASCOPE WMS software. The module is large and requires a number of weeks to complete. Here you are taught each module and sub-module of the software. You may have to retuen to this course from time to time.

Software Admin

This course is typically completed by the site Super User. Here the course covers all aspects of supporting a running DATASCOPE WMS site.


This course focuses on the hardware that is typically used in a DATASCOPE WMS implementation. Please note it only includes the more well used hardware and not all scanner or printer hardware. Getting an understanding of hardware in general can be very useful when problem solving.

Vocollect and DATASCOPE WMS

Vocollect Voice is the solution built into DATASCOPE WMS when we implement voice based picking. Sites running the DATASCOPE WMS Conveyer and Voice model would require training on this model.

Advanced Hardware Configuration

This course focuses on hardware to support your DATASCOPE WMS installation but goes into some detail including a level of problem solving.

DATASCOPE Installation

This course covers the installation and upgrade of DATASCOPE WMS. this includes the base software as will as many other services and supporting software.

Managing Your A Class Warehouse

The managing your A Class Warehouse course covers the basic principles required to ensure your warehouse becomes an A class contender. DATASCOPE offers professional warehouse audits to assist you in achieving excellence. This course helps you get there.

Advanced Course in Project Management

The advanced project management module would be taken by your project manager. This course goes into more detail on how to manage a successful project go live.

Advanced Course in Software

This course focuses on an advanced level of software. The course is mainly main up of videos which do into a lot of detail on the software. This module is being added to regularly.