Success Stories

Our clients can be found in a wide range of industries. In fact, we are in almost all manufacturing and distribution industries. Our clients are loyal supporters of our software as they have seen first hand the benefits that the software brings. Many had originally implemented inferior products and got themselves burnt. If you want your solution implemented right then you will need to look no further than DATASCOPE WMS, and our existing clients will confirm this. Check out our customer case studies



The solution is a plug and play solution with a single core code base which is strictly version controlled. Development is completed using a SCRUM approach with two weekly sprints. New versions are released every 8 weeks or so with a wizard based upgrade.


DATASCOPE has aligned with Microsoft technologies with all server and PC components developed in Microsoft .Net with a Microsoft SQL database. All postings from DATASCOPE WMS to SYSPRO are transacted via SYSPO's E.Net business object layer.


Management of the release of picking slips (for Sales order or WIP) to the warehouse is fundamental to the WMS core as it is in this section that much of the warehouse optimization logic is built. 


DATASCOPE automatically adopts the SYSPRO warehouse structure. Each SYSPRO warehouse is configured with Picking areas, storage Zones and Bin Locations. The software defines the full architecture of these relationships and controls this back into SYSPRO.