Hardware Mounts

With the wholesale move from Microsoft Mobile to Android devises has opened up a wide range of hardware options for your warehouse or factory floor. These solutions are all available from DATASCOPE for clients who have upgraded to our HTML 5 mobile platform. 

Forklift Mount

This mount works very well on a forklift or man-up and hold a standard Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro 10/1" (not supplied by us). The mount includes various power cabling kits to attach to your forklifts or man-up equipment. We typically suggest that you add a Honeywell Granit 1980i extended range scanner to this kit (Mounting kit and scanner supplied by DATASCOPE)

Basic Supervisor Cell and Scanner kit (Ideal for Cycle count or Stock Count)

This solution is a low cost option that can be used to add additional devices to the floor during an inventory count (stock count). This can also be used for general admin related transactions such as reprinting bin labels or doing basic stock accuracy checks. The solution is not intended to be used for day to day activities. 

The solution includes the operator using his or her mobile phone as the main device. This device is clipped into a wrist holder (see below) and pair to a basic blue tooth scanner (see below). These items can be purchased directly of Amazon.