CARTS for picking and checkout

We build and ship two basic forms of carts for use in your warehouse or factory. These two carts both come in different configurations but can be broadly categorized as:

Picking Carts

The picking cart is designed for narrow aisle work where the picker is picking up to 9 small part orders at one time. The ideal application for this cart is in fine pick environments, such as picking small components for the factory or for customer orders, or in a spare parts area of your warehouse. This cart includes a battery-powered counting scale which is used to count out the small parts during the picking cycle. Inclusion of the scale is optional.

Checkout Carts

The checkout cart comes in two configurations. Both are powered with deep-cycle batteries, an inverter and all the required plug points and other cabling. The lower cost option has a single battery pack and standard inverter kit. This option works very well for applications that require a laptop and Bluetooth or keyboard wedge scanner.

The second option is more expensive and includes a second battery pack and a pure sine inverter. This option allows for the inclusion of various laser or barcode printers. This is ideal if you want to checkout orders from the cart and print all packing slip and other documentation, or if you want to print barcode labels in the racks directly on the cart.