The leading supplier of Fasteners (Bolts, Nuts Washers and Screws) in Southern Africa runs DATASCOPE WMS. This company has asked not to be named as they believe that the implementation of DATASCOPE WMS is a key component of their strategic advantage in their market.

DATASCOPE has worked with this company since 2009 and over the years the business has grown substantially. The company now supplies over 19 000 SKU's and offers a 4 hour turnaround time on any order. Being in the Fastener industry it is critical to offer clients a full service offering. In this industry if you can only supply 90% of the customers order, you force the customer to purchase from another supplier which invariably starts a price war

By offering a full product service as well as a very fast turn around time on orders, clients are able to reduce or eliminate their stock holding of fasteners and rather purchase required products on a daily basis. So as an example, a construction company can rather order requirements for their current jobs on a daily basis. Then each morning the construction crews drive past the fastener DC and collect exactly what is needed for the day or next couple of days on site.

This business holds some 16 000 pallets of stock in their bulk storage locations. Many of the pallets hold multiple SKU's. Their stock take time record is 6 hours to complete a full wall to wall stock count and their stock accuracy is some 99.97%. For this industry these results are remarkable. Remember we are counting some 19 000 small products in a high volume DC.

All orders are picked and delivered to one of nine checkout stations where every product is weigh checked into cartons. Each carton is sealed and labeled with a list of the contents. A full packing slip and invoice is printed for each order. Orders are then moved to a collection area for client collection or courier delivery.