Spice Manufacture

Deli Spices based in Cape Town South Africa has been a loyal customer of DATASCOPE for many years having implemented the DATASCOPE WMS software back in 2009.

Deli is a family owned business with divisions focused on spice manufacture and butchery machinery supply. Having run SYSPRO for over 20 years the company selected DATASCOPE WMS to assist with the inventory control in their main factory in Epping, Cape Town. This facility receipts large shipments of various spices and converts these into a wide range of mouth watering flavors for the butchery and baking industry. From many sausage and processed meats spice blends to our famous biltong spices to a variety of baking spice blends, Deli offers a full range of premium brand products.

The DATASCOPE WMS software was installed through the entire facility in 2009. This included all raw material control, work in progress spice picking and issuing, receipt into finished goods and all sales order and inter-branch transfer picking and shipping. An advanced mass based picking module was developed and implemented to allow operators to pick spices for blending jobs by weighing the raw materials as their pick each product.

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