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Furniture & Fittings

Summer Classics based in Pelham Alabama, USA has selected and implemented DATASCOPE WMS to optimize their manufacturing and distribution operations.

Summer Classics is a distributor of premium patio and outdoor furniture through a large branded distribution network of Summer Classics stores. The DATASCOPE WMS software was implemented into the Perlham head office in September 2017. The implementation was completed by one of the DATASCOPE DSP’s (Partners), Logi-Solution of Canada. Rod Matheson, and his team at Logi did a sterling job on the implementation and completed it within 10 weeks and within budget. The IT and Logistics teams at Summer Classics were also excellent and very supportive. They are knowledgeable and dependable and worked very well with our teams to deliver a successful project.

The implementation covered raw material receiving and control, issuing to work in progress, some WIP tracking and WIP receiving and then all elements of finished goods control from LCT shipment receipts through to picking packing and shipping. The new shipping module was implemented at Summer Classics for the very first time. We have identified some areas where this module could be improved and this development is currently in progress.

It is still early days but we look for the business benefits to become evident as we go into 2018. Summer Classics is a great USA based reference site.

Ben Erickson ~ Vice President IT had to say the following:

“The implementation methodology developed by DATASCOPE ensured that we stayed on track throughout the process and clearly defined the expectations and requirements of the project. Weekly video conferences kept our team and Logi-Solutions in sync and focused on the critical path to success. Since going live, we have already seen a reduction in inventory discrepancies and identified areas for improvement that were previously unknown due to a lack of visibility and data around processes”

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