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Another Bidfood Ingredients facility, Chipkins Bakery Ingredient’s Longmeadow factory went live during September 2010 on DATASCOPE WMS.

Chipkins Bakery Ingredients are the top manufacturers in the bakery industry and offer a comprehensive range of high-quality products. Chipkins Bakery Ingredients supply Chipkins Bakery Supplies, Crown National and Bidfood Exports with around 90 tons per day of bakery ingredients.

The DATASCOPE WMS project commenced early August. Six weeks later, a successful stocktake and go-live occurred. DATASCOPE together with the Bidfood IT Department supported the factory for a further two weeks. The factory volumes increased significantly and within four weeks after go-live the targeted daily volumes were achieved.

Full lot traceability is just one of the many benefits Chipkins now enjoys. DATASCOPE once again enjoyed a 100% commitment from the Bidfood IT Department and from the Chipkins management team.

“With reference to the many WMS implementation we have concluded with DATASCOPE in our group to date, the implementation of CBI has certainly proven that we have the implementation process well bedded down. The convergence of skill and resources from DATASCOPE, Internal IT and the Chipkins business tells the story of a successful implementation. The product scope, implementation and go-live phases were executed as planned and managed by project management without error from start to finish with all expectations met by both IT and the business unit themselves.”
– Martin van Staden, Group IT Director

“It was a hair raising experience to implement the system, but with the professionalism and expert support from the DATASCOPE team the facility was quickly up to speed with its volumes and efficiencies. The versatility of the program and the “value add” it brought to the operations was immediately evident and will be of excellent use in taking the business forward. A hearty thank you to the DATASCOPE team”.
– Rohan du Toit, General Manager – Chipkins Bakery Ingredients

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