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Floor Care Products

SABCO makes history as DATASCOPE first site in Australia. DATASCOPE has long had an eye on the Australian SYSPRO market but has not been able to secure a large client in this country despite having engaged with a number of very suitable companies.

SABCO expressed interest in DATASCOPE back in 2014 after a software presentation at a SYSPRO conference held in Sydney. The project, however, did not progress as DATASCOPE did not have an office in this region and the company felt at risk with selecting a product from South Africa. Then in 2017 DATASCOPE opened an office in the USA and started some discussion with Libman Inc based in Chicago IL. Libman is a holding company of SABCO. Very soon some discussion took place between Libman and SABCO and the team in Australia welcomed the involvement of DATASCOPE .


Peter Schleritzko from the DATASCOPE South African office visited SABCO in quarter 1 2017 for two weeks where a full functional specification was completed and costs tabled. SABCO signed off the project later in the year. Implementation has been set for quarter 1 2018 after the SYSPRO install has been upgraded to version 7.

We are looking forward to our first client in Australia next year!

Interestingly DATASCOPE has recently started preparing an office in New Zealand as one of our employees has made the decision to immigrate from South Africa to New Zealand and will be working for us from there. We should have this office operational by end of January 2018.

Congratulations your free gift is on its way!!

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