DATASCOPE WMS was implemented into Africa’s largest Fastener distributor back in 2008. The site was one of DATASCOPE’s first implementations and has been a great success over the years. The company has over 20 000 pallet positions with a very high number of active SKUs. We split the warehouse into to virtual SYSPRO warehouse codes, namely PF (Pick Face) and WH: B (Bulk). The PF warehouse includes all bins on the floor level up to a logical picking height. Warehouse B is all racking above head height going up 8 levels. These bin locations are largely pallet positions. Over the years this client has achieved an inventory accuracy of around 99.97% with an order turn around of 4 hours or less on most orders. DATASCOPE WMS’s ability to manage many SKUs of a TrackID (Pallet) allows the client to hold bulk pallets of a large range of products.