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Air Conditioning

Metraclark is one of the largest distributors of refrigeration and air conditioning components & systems in southern Africa. Their main distribution warehouse in Denver, Johannesburg serves as a nationwide distribution warehouse to all of its nationwide and African branches. It deploys sophisticated demand calculation mechanisms to best fulfill their customers’ demands across their branch network.

Metraclark selected DATASCOPE WMS, to enable further efficiencies in their receiving and picking processes, ensuring better turnaround times in picking efficiencies.

In receiving, a two-step process allows for SYSPRO purchase orders and LCT’s to be received by designated receiving staff. During the offloading of stock from supplier vehicles, goods are scanned and palletized in real-time, ensuring stock can be put away and consumed for picking in the shortest possible time without reducing accuracy.

For the purpose of reducing human errors, Metraclark is using DATASCOPE WMS to work primarily with supplier bar codes, reducing the need to re-label stock at receiving. DATASCOPE WMS provides functionality beyond standard SYSPRO functionality in managing various local to supplier barcode mappings and scenarios.

DATASCOPE has improved the warehouse operations by introducing more detailed location management – close to 10 000 unique locations are managed by DATASCOPE WMS, ensuring stock is found, identified, and confirmed at faster picking rates.

Replenishment into and management of the companies prestigious VLM (Verticle Lift Module) equipment is done through DATASCOPE WMS, enabling real-time transaction management of high-value items.

We thank Metraclark for choosing DATASCOPE to be their preferred warehouse management solution provider.

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