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Enhanced Features within our Stock Take Module

Stock Taking enhanced features

The Stock Take module within DATASCOPE WMS is a cornerstone tool in inventory management, offering substantial advantages over traditional stock counts when seamlessly integrated into SYSPRO. We're excited to unveil several additional features to revolutionize your stock-taking processes. These enhancements are about new functionalities and making your work easier and more efficient. Let's delve into each enhancement covered in this guide.

These awesome upgrades are part of our 23R3 release, designed to enhance the usability of the Stock Take module within DATASCOPE WMS.

Full Report

The Full Report presents a comprehensive overview of every DATASCOPE WMS Bin and TrackID within the selected warehouse, whether already counted or not. This master report is a complete reference of all items requiring counting and those already accounted for.

Key features of this report:

  • Get real-time updates on stock counts as your team moves through the warehouse.
  • Use Quick Filters to sift through large datasets quickly. Filter by Stock code, TrackID, or Bin for targeted data analysis. And when you want to broaden your view, clearing filters is a breeze.
Stock Taking Full Report

Exceptions Only Report

The Exceptions Only Report highlights variances between the theoretical and physically counted quantities for TrackIDs. This valuable insight aids in pinpointing discrepancies and facilitating timely corrective actions. The report identifies non-zero variances, guiding the Recount Team to revisit specific bins and TrackIDs for further verification.

Stock Taking Exceptions Only Report

Uncounted Bin Report

Another critical report to look at is the Uncounted Bin Reports. This report ensures comprehensive coverage by listing all uncounted bins within the selected warehouse and confirms that the Count Team has visited every bin. This list can include Picking Bins (which match the pick slip number for any pick slips in a STARTED status and picking is still in progress. Typically, all pick slips must be completed before any stock take starts, but if there are pick slips in progress, you can count them as part of the current count so that the stock is not adjusted out when you confirm the count.

Empty Bin Report

The Empty Bin Report efficiently identifies and manages empty bins. It lists all bins marked as empty, providing transparency into bin utilization and facilitating space optimization efforts. The Full Report also contains detailed information on empty bins, aiding Warehouse Managers in tracking bin activity.

One key aspect of using our Stock Take module is its real-time counting feature. We capture count details at a bin level, enabling swift analysis within just 20 minutes of initiating a stock take. If there's a discrepancy, promptly dispatch a second count team. Our module meticulously records all count details, allowing you to organize data by bins and variances. Additionally, we provide insights into how many times each bin has been counted.

These additional features in the DATASCOPE WMS Stock Take module empower users with greater visibility, efficiency, and control over their stock-taking processes. These additions streamline operations and enhance warehouse management efficiency by identifying discrepancies, optimizing space utilization, or ensuring comprehensive inventory coverage.

Ready to brush up on your stock-take skills? Visit DATASCOPE University and register for a refresher course. To register for our FREE online courses, open our website and browse Resources/ DS University.

Stay tuned for more updates as we innovate and enhance your WMS experience.

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