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What exactly do we mean by Stock Code Replacement?

Managing a large warehouse with many components can be daunting, especially when inventory issues arise. We understand the challenges of maintaining an efficient and organized warehouse. With DATASCOPE PREMIUM WMS. seamless integration with SYSPRO ERP, we offer a seamless solution that optimizes your inventory processes. One of the standout features of our WMS is the Job Stock Code Replace module, designed to simplify the replacement of factory components in your inventory management workflow.

Effortless Component Replacement

The Job Stock Code Replace module is an invaluable tool for warehouses dealing with quality or quantity issues that necessitate the replacement of existing components in SYSPRO Jobs. This module allows you to swiftly replace an existing component with a suitable alternative without compromising the integrity of the job. It’s designed to handle unconfirmed SYSPRO Jobs, ensuring that only the necessary changes are made without altering the Bill of Material (BOM) of the parent component.

User-Friendly Process

Replacing a stock code using our module is straightforward and efficient. From the main menu, navigate to Work in Progress / WIP Release / Job Stock Code Replace. Enter the current stock code that needs replacement, and the system will automatically load its description. Next, input the replacement stock code and select the Query Jobs button. This action will display all unconfirmed SYSPRO Jobs containing the current stock code, allowing you to choose which jobs to update.

Enhanced Control and Accuracy

Our module provides enhanced control over the replacement process. You can easily select or deselect specific jobs, ensuring that only the correct ones are processed. Once you initiate the process, the system updates the stock codes and removes the updated jobs from the data grid. This meticulous approach guarantees accuracy and minimizes errors, making inventory management more reliable and efficient.

Seamless Integration with SYSPRO

After replacing the stock codes, you can review the updated jobs in SYSPRO under Material Allocations. The replacement stock code will be added with the same quantity and warehouse as the original, while the quantity of the original stock code will be updated to zero. This integration ensures that inventory records remain consistent and accurate across both systems.

Business Benefits

We offer numerous benefits for large, unorganized warehouses and distribution centers. This module simplifies the component replacement process, reducing downtime and operational disruptions. Its user-friendly interface and seamless integration with SYSPRO enhance productivity and accuracy, helping you maintain an organized and efficient warehouse. With our WMS, you can confidently manage your inventory, knowing you have a robust solution tailored to your needs.

DATASCOPE PREMIUM WMS is a game-changer for warehouses struggling with inventory management issues. By leveraging this module, you can ensure smooth and efficient operations, ultimately driving better business outcomes.

Don’t let inventory challenges hold you back—transform your warehouse management with our innovative software solution today.

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