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Upgrading to SYSPRO with DATASCOPE WMS: A Case Study of Kruse Feed & Supply

For over 50 years, OH Kruse has produced everything from top-of-the-line animal feeds for dogs, cats, poultry and cattle, to grains for goats, horses, pigs and sheep. A family business based in Goshen, California, Kruse’s large production facility is right across the tracks from their sister company, Western Milling, which provides a large proportion of their bulk grains and feed components.

Earlier this year, Kruse made the decision to upgrade their 1970s-era stock control system by implementing SYSPRO 8 into their business. This meant ditching all of their manual tracking systems (as well as an impressive collection of spreadsheets). They needed a warehouse management system (WMS) that could seamlessly integrate into SYSPRO ERP to help them manage their 1,300+ individual product lines without a hassle.

DATASCOPE WMS was the best choice they ever could have made.


Led by Systems Advisory Services (SAS), a competent business and IT solutions provider and one of the most reputable DATASCOPE Solutions Partners in our DSP network, the DATASCOPE implementation process and SYSPRO rollout began on October 1, 2021.

An entire wall-to-wall stock count was performed by the Kruse operational team, with the final figures being meticulously compared to their old system over the course of hundreds of hours. After months of careful planning, many rounds of testing and dozens of steering meetings, the green light was given and it was All Systems Go! The DATASCOPE and SYSPRO go-live was finally scheduled for September 1, 2021.


Now, nearly 4 months post implementation, we’re seeing all the hard work and careful planning paying off. Kruse’s consultancy team is preparing interactive KPI Reports for their management team, forklift drivers are removing bagged products from automated, robotic packaging lines with ease, and WMS Operators are scanning fully-packed pallets directly from the comfort of their forklift seats before putting product away into the warehouse. In short, the warehouse is running like clockwork and everyone is more than pleased with the result

In the words of Retail & Agribusiness Controller, Jennifer McGarry:

“From my vantage point, it is pretty cool to see everyone operating in the new systems! The project has gone better than I expected!”

As Kruse continues their commitment to providing the best products and services to their customers at the best prices possible, DATASCOPE WMS continues our commitment to providing the most comprehensive Warehouse Management Solution for SYSPRO customers worldwide. Check out even more of our customer success stories and be sure to schedule your own software demo today!

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