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Understanding Inventory Backflushing

Inventory management in manufacturing environments requires precise control and efficient processes to ensure smooth operations. One such critical process is inventory backflushing, a streamlined method of managing inventory levels, particularly in repetitive manufacturing settings. This article delves into inventory backflushing, how it works, and its benefits to businesses, explicitly referring to the functionalities provided by SYSPRO and DATASCOPE PREMIUM WMS.

What is Inventory Backflush?

Inventory backflush is a method used in manufacturing to automate the process of recording inventory usage and receiving finished goods into stock. Instead of manually tracking each component and labor involved in the production process, backflushing uses the Bill of Materials (BOM) of the finished product to determine the materials and labor charges that should be deducted from inventory. This method is highly effective in environments where production processes are repetitive and large batches of identical products are produced.

How Does Backflushing Work?

In SYSPRO, the backflushing process begins with the BOM, which lists all the components required to manufacture a finished product. When a finished product is recorded as completed, the system automatically issues the materials and labor from inventory based on the BOM. This eliminates the need for Work in Progress (WIP) jobs traditionally used to track production activity. Instead, materials are issued from inventory after they have been physically used in the production process, and the finished goods are received into stock in a single, streamlined transaction.

Inventory Backflushing SYSPRO

Benefits of Inventory Backflush

  • Efficiency and Time Savings: Backflushing significantly reduces the administrative burden on staff by automating the issuance of materials and labor charges. This leads to faster processing times and allows employees to focus on more strategic tasks.
  • Accuracy and Consistency: Backflushing relies on the BOM, ensuring that inventory records are accurate and consistent with the actual usage of materials. This reduces the risk of discrepancies between physical stock and recorded inventory levels.
  • Cost-Effective: Companies producing large batches of identical products can realize substantial cost savings from reduced administrative overhead and improved efficiency. Eliminating WIP jobs further contributes to cost reduction.

Levels of Backflushing in DATASCOPE PREMIUM WMS

DATASCOPE PREMIUM WMS offers two levels of backflushing: Single and All. The default setting, All, processes material issuance for all stock codes under the parent stock code of the BOM. If a subassembly doesn’t have sufficient inventory, the system processes the components one level deeper, issuing the raw materials that make up the subassembly. This functionality can be adjusted to the Single option if only the first level of the BOM components is to be issued, providing flexibility based on the company’s inventory management needs.

Implementing Backflush in DATASCOPE PREMIUM WMS

The backflushing process in DATASCOPE PREMIUM WMS can be executed via a PC or mobile device. On the PC, the user navigates to the Inventory Backflush module, selects the relevant warehouses and parent stock code, and specifies the quantity to be backflushed. The system then validates the transaction, issues the components from the designated WIP warehouse, and updates SYSPRO with the received finished goods and issued components.

Inventory Backflushing HTML and PC screens

Inventory backflush is a powerful tool for optimizing inventory management in manufacturing environments, particularly those with repetitive production processes. Automating the issuance of materials and labor enhances efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness. SYSPRO and DATASCOPE PREMIUM WMS provide robust functionalities to support backflushing, making it an invaluable feature for businesses seeking to streamline operations and maintain precise inventory control.

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