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SABCO Warehouse Management System: SABCO Australia Go-Live

SABCO (originally known as the South Australian Brush Company) was founded in 1892 in Adelaide, South Australia, with just 3 employees and limited production facilities. It grew quickly at the time, with products only covering household brushware. Over the years, SABCO’s product range expanded to include various other cleaning products, metal, and plastic homewares. In 2007, Libman USA acquired 50% ownership of SABCO Australia Pty Ltd, making it a truly international business and, in 2009, the Libman company took full ownership of the SABCO business.


In 2016, SABCO and DATASCOPE made initial contact to discuss the requirement for a warehouse management system in their Melbourne warehouse. Various meetings were held to review functional requirements prior to the project (via the Zoom conferencing facilities), with 2 site visits to SABCO Australia done in May and June 2017. After final functionality reviews, the go-live was planned for October 29, 2018.

Two members of our DATASCOPE WMS team flew into Melbourne from South Africa the week before go-live. This focused time allowed us to ensure all tasks were complete in time for stock take and go-live, as well as to provide user training. The stock take counting was completed on the weekend and we hit the ground running on October 29, with a focus on picking and invoicing. As is typical of go-lives, the first couple of days were a little bit slower on the invoicing side, however this picked up to typical invoicing values by Thursday of go-live week. The DATASCOPE 2-member team remained on-site at SABCO for 3 weeks after the go-live date to ensure processes were bedded down as much as possible and to assist with any queries or issues that arose. In addition, troubleshooting techniques were passed down to users and manuals were also provided to assist with general “how-to” within DATASCOPE WMS .

All in all, a great team of people at SABCO, DATASCOPE , and SYSPRO Australia, resulted in the successful implementation of DATASCOPE WMS. We look forward to continuing this relationship with SABCO in the future and wish them the very best in their continued growth.

DATASCOPE were incredibly supportive throughout our WMS journey. There were many early mornings, and late evenings, particularly during the go-live, but nothing was too much trouble” – Kathy Fitzgerald, Operations Director, SABCO Australia Pty Ltd.

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