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Optimizing the Warehouse Layout With DATASCOPE WMS: Customer Success Stories

Warehouse management is really all about logistics. It’s the goal for every warehouse manager to find new and better ways to manage every aspect of their warehouse, from receiving and transferring goods to planning and controlling inventory

The right Warehouse Management System (WMS) can reform your warehouse operations, helping you lower management costs, save time and increase both income and customer satisfaction.

The key to improving your warehouse operations is to visualize the flow of inventory, allowing you to optimize your material handling equipment and people based on the volume of goods moving through your warehouse. DATASCOPE WMS is designed to boost overall efficiency and improve the flow of traffic in your warehouse.

But, when you get down to it, the efficiency of any warehouse operation is highly dependent on its layout and design. The layout of your warehouse affects your ability to process orders effectively and streamline your operations. A well-executed layout design will improve the usage of space and boost warehouse productivity, thereby ensuring easier access to stored goods, minimizing travel time, and improving fulfillment rates.

Put simply, to successfully run your warehouse, you need to integrate the right WMS with an augmented layout design. Let’s look at how two companies were able to streamline their operations by implementing DATASCOPE WMS and redesigning their layout.


TecsaReco is a South African wholesaler that partners with leading global brands to provide a full spectrum of products and spare parts within commercial and domestic refrigeration and air conditioning.

TecsaReco boasts an inventory of over 30,000 products consisting of branded and generic spare parts, components, and accessories. The company has complete national coverage in South Africa as well as distribution centers in eight neighboring countries, including Angola, Malawi, and Mozambique.

With several distribution centers and branches all over Southern Africa, mostly managed from their headquarters in Johannesburg, TecsaReco was looking to revamp their operations to improve efficiency and enhance productivity. The company was looking for a WMS that could hone their inventory transportation and improve receiving, putaway, slotting, picking, packing, and shipping operations.

In other words, TecsaReco needed a system that offered real-time visibility into their entire inventory – precisely where DATASCOPE WMS excels.

For a WMS to truly work for you, it must be customized to your warehouse operations and layout design in order to augment its functionality. With this in mind, the DATASCOPE team set out to implement a large trade counter where an operator could easily load an order in SYSPRO, process payment, and release the picking slip to the warehouse. The solution involved implementing a SYSPRO pane-based pick slip releasing system.

DATASCOPE WMS provided the TecsaReco warehouse management team with added visibility into their warehouse processes. As a result, the team has seen improvements in stock accuracy and order accuracy.


Most warehouse inventory errors start in receiving stock.

Metraclark, another large distributor of refrigeration and AC systems and components in Southern Africa, was looking to enable further efficiencies in their receiving and picking operations. The goal was to enhance turnaround times and improve overall efficiency.

The reality is, too many warehouse operations are fragmented, which increases the likelihood of human error. One of the general principles of improving the receiving and putaway processes is to minimize the number of handling steps.

With the DATASCOPE WMS, a two-step process was implemented that allowed for SYSPRO purchase orders to be received and put away more effectively. Once the stock was offloaded from the supplier vehicles, it was scanned and palletized in real-time, enabling Metraclark to minimize put away time and increase receiving accuracy.

DATASCOPE WMS also allowed the company to integrate their system with supplier barcodes, reducing the need to re-label stock at receiving. Another DATASCOPE advantage was that improved location management ensured stock could be identified, found, and confirmed easily for faster picking rates.


Simply implementing a WMS will not give you the warehouse performance results you’re looking for. Enhancing your warehouse operations with a WMS is a crucial process that directly impacts the efficiency and productivity of your warehouse. All this starts with a sound warehouse floor plan.

DATASCOPE WMS offers warehouse consulting services helping you arrange your processes in a logical sequence to streamline operations and improve productivity while reducing your expenses. The DATASCOPE team will help you map out your warehouse, plan for space and equipment optimization, and test out the new layout. After this, you can use DATASCOPE WMS to restructure your processes for improved performance. Get in touch today to find out more.

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