Standard Plug & Play Software

In part 5 of our WMS for SYSPRO blog series, we’ll discuss criterion number 5: make sure the software contains standard plug-and-play content. DATASCOPE is intimately familiar with all of the version control issues that arise when you start allowing on-site software development. Oftentimes, you’re better off selecting a basic WMS system that can integrate with your ERP with minimal development efforts.


WMS Resellers need to be upfront with prospective clients as to where their products currently do not have the required functionality. In DATASCOPE’s standard proposal document, all business transactions are covered in detail and if additional development is required in order to meet a client’s requirements, this is clearly stated. Companies must look for a standard WMS product with off-the-shelf functionality that is >99% fit to their business. Again, if development is required, this must be quoted for up front, built into the project plan and this extra functionality must be checked and signed off prior to the on-site WMS installation commencing. On-site development must not be allowed, as this leads to all kinds of version control issues. Check out our WMS Selection Handguide to read more about the criteria to consider when selecting the right WMS software.

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