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Peer Pressure: How KPIS Drive Performance in the DC

DATASCOPE has a standard set of key performance indicator (KPI) measures built into the WMS product. After go-live, we help the site settle down and the pickers and packers become competent in their new functional roles within the distribution center.

After a few weeks, DATASCOPE encourages the site to explain how these KPI measures work before placing them on a big screen for all to see at the entrance to their canteen. The KPIs dashboard then scrolls through the screens showing the daily, weekly, and monthly stats by picker and packer names.

Below are some dashboard screenshots.

Without exception, we find that placing these KPIs on a big screen for all to see drives peer pressure and increases individual and team (by shift) performance dramatically. Over time, performance targets and standards can be set and individual performance measured against these standards.


​​As Tom Jursich Jr, Director of IT at American Metalcraft, put it:

“Monitoring and acting on KPIs has been a huge part of taking advantage of the functionality that DATASCOPE adds over the base SYSPRO functionality.

The first few days of going live with DATASCOPE , the picking/packing KPIs alone helped provide assurance to our President/COO that the lack of open orders in the warehouse was due to being more efficient and not due to bottlenecks or missing orders. Our warehouse workers were also able to see real-time stats for their tasks throughout the day, which helped push them to compete to be the best performers among their peers.

Since going live with DATASCOPE we have added many more KPIs to keep track of everything from short-term metrics (like expedited orders in danger of missing a ship date or a specific employee’s current workload) to longer-term, strategic metrics (such as available bin positions by aisle/level or frequently replenished items that may need a larger picking bin).  Thanks to the data available through DATASCOPE , our management team is in much more control of the warehouse with this level of visibility.  (Tom was also the Project Sponsor of the DATASCOPE WMS implementation project).”

If you would like to learn more about the KPI dashboard and try it out for yourself, get in touch with us today to schedule a demo. And, of course, stop by our upgraded Charlotte office to see what we’ve done with the place!

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