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New Capabilities 24.1

DATASCOPE announces the new release R1 of 2024 for the DATASCOPE PREMIUM WMS software suite. This version focuses heavily on Customer Enhancement Requests that will improve the software’s functionality with new features. We have also focused on our baseline and roundoff testing within the product to improve its stability. The 24R1 release has 11 new Feature Requests and over 81 Minor Updates and Improvements.


  • A new online F1 Help Interface was built into all screens in the HTML5 application. This will allow the user to access the user guides within the application.
  • 24R1 comes with a Crystal Runtime Upgrade to the most stable version (SP35) of the CR runtime engine for the .NET framework. The System Manager will auto-install this upgrade.
  • A new DATASCOPE WMS Plugin for the core printing process.
  • Sales Order Release and Wave Release have new UOM columns for Stocking and Order UOM.
  • Stock Taking & Cycle Count has additional checks for lot expiration date.
  • Improvements made to Cycle Count Scheduler Advanced.
  • Pack Station Checkout grid will focus on the next line to be weighed.
  • Put Away Consolidate has a new checkbox feature to retain the TrackID after a post.
  • Changes to SORTRR process in response to SYSPROs BO change in 2023 Hotfix.
  • Lot And Expiry Control Report allows updating expiry date.

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