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Mastering DATASCOPE WMS Customization: A Developer’s Guide to Tailoring Your WMS Solution

Welcome to the world of DATASCOPE, E.Net Business Objects (APIs) – the pinnacle of integration and efficiency in warehouse management. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of our Business Objects functionality, offering developers and solution providers a roadmap to harness the true potential of our Selective Architecture Framework. We invested heavily in a set of tools called “Selective Architecture.” This toolset allows our customers to tailor their DATASCOPE WMS solution to their needs.

Understanding Business Objects

At its core, Business Objects encapsulate system logic within DATASCOPE WMS, mirroring the robustness of SYSPRO’s E.Net API layer. This document caters to advanced software developers, introducing the E.Net Business Objects module as an essential component for seamless integration with third-party applications. On a transaction level, a particular object can be called to do a specific task within the system. Our business objects have also been built to be backward compatible, an essential requirement for using business objects in warehouse environments. When newer software versions are released, existing custom software can still operate on the newer versions using our Business Objects. Our Business Objects follow a structured and transactional approach since they align with our core system’s business logic. These Business Objects are extensively utilized in our core services within our core software.


Imagine a scenario where the software operating an automated packing line needs to interface with DATASCOPE WMS. Our E.Net Business Objects make this a reality by enabling the posting of job receipts for each pallet packed and triggering the printing of DATASCOPE TrackID labels. The transformative impact of these objects is evident in real-world applications. One of our customers, leveraging their internal development team, achieved remarkable automation in their processes. Here’s a glimpse into their success story:
  • Importing Online Orders into SYSPRO’s ERP Utilizing SYSPRO’s E.Net Business Objects, our customer seamlessly imports online orders into their SYSPRO ERP.
  • Inventory Reservation with DATASCOPE’s Auto Reservation Business Object – Leveraging the power of DATASCOPE’s Auto Reservation Business Object, they automatically reserve inventory for the imported orders.
  • Effortless Pick Slip Release with DATASCOPE Pick Slip Release Business Object – The process continues with the DATASCOPE Pick Slip Release Business Object, ensuring the picking slips are released efficiently.
  • Dynamic Carton Label Printing using DATASCOPE Carton Label Print Business Object – Finally, they effortlessly initiate label prints on the conveyor line using the DATASCOPE Carton Label Print object.
This exemplary case is one of numerous processes that can be fully automated using DATASCOPE E.Net Business Objects (API). With these tools at your disposal, customization becomes not just a possibility but a powerful reality. Stay tuned as we explore more insights into mastering DATASCOPE WMS customization and harnessing the full potential of our robust Business Objects framework.

Getting Started with Business Objects

Business Objects empower third-party developers and DATASCOPE Solution Providers (DSPs) to build external applications within a Plugin architecture or as standalone entities. While Custom Plugins within our framework do not require an additional module, external application usage demands the purchase of the Business Objects module.

Tools and Prerequisites

You’ll need Visual Studio 2022 IDE, .NET Framework, the E.Net Business Objects module license, SDK.dll from our DATASCOPE WMS SDK, and a WMS Test Environment to kickstart your journey with Business Objects. The Design Model, deeply integrated into our SDK using Object-Oriented programming, allows developers to explore available properties directly within the Visual Studio designer.

Functional Areas and Licensing

Explore the structured classification of Business Objects, from Modules to Functional Areas and specific Business Objects within those areas. Our comprehensive Reference Sheet, accessible through the DSP Secure Portal, offers a detailed overview of available Business Objects, updated regularly with new releases.

Developing a Simple Application

For a hands-on experience, our Business Objects Creating a Simple Application training course at our DATASCOPE University provides a detailed overview. It’s the perfect resource to kickstart your journey into developing applications that leverage the full potential of DATASCOPE WMS Business Objects.

DATASCOPE WMS E.Net Business Objects (API) redefine integration, offering developers and solution providers a robust solution. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a DSP, our framework provides the tools needed to elevate your applications to new heights. Explore the world of Business Objects and unlock unparalleled efficiency in warehouse management with DATASCOPE WMS.

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