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Highlights from the 23R2 release

Introducing our latest software release with powerful features to revolutionize your inventory management, shipping truckload process, checkout experience, and warehouse management. With the brand-new Stock Lookup button, effortlessly locate your stock by unveiling a comprehensive list of bins where it’s actively present, excluding Receiving bins for focused results. Optimize your shipping truckload process with instant access to bins containing the selected SKU, ensuring unparalleled visibility and control. Embrace efficiency with Inline Checkout, allowing you to process complete cartons seamlessly, regardless of their status. The monumental migration of the Track ID Status Update screen to HTML5 offers a user-friendly interface for enhanced interactions. Lastly, our significant Put Away enhancement enables flexible warehouse allocation, suggesting bins from different warehouses with matching zones, freeing you from traditional constraints. Experience the power of our latest release and propel your business toward unparalleled success.


Put Away Consolidation – Lookup Stock option added

Discover the power of our brand-new Stock Lookup button, thoughtfully positioned at the bottom of your screen. With just a click, unveil a comprehensive list of bins where your stock code is actively present. Bid farewell to tedious searches and effortlessly locate the stock you need. This innovative feature excludes Receiving bins, allowing you to focus solely on actionable results. Unlock the potential of efficient inventory management and propel your business toward unprecedented success.

Shipping Truck Load – Additional fields added to lookup, loading optimization

Maximize efficiency and streamline your shipping truckload process with our latest software release. Experience a significant upgrade with added new fields and an optimized loading system. Once the user scans a TrackID and selects an SKU in the grid for put away, a game-changing button called “Lookup Stock” appears at the bottom of the screen. This innovative feature lets you instantly access bins where the selected SKU is currently located, encompassing all bin types except Receiving bins. Embrace unparalleled visibility and control as you effortlessly navigate your inventory.

Inline Checkouts – Ability to checkout COMPLETE cartons

We understand the importance of streamlining your checkout process, so we have introduced an innovative feature: Inline Checkout. Now, you have the power to process complete cartons with ease, breaking free from the limitations imposed by traditional workflows. Thanks to valuable feedback from our clients, we have listened and acted upon their requests. Operators can now utilize Inline Checkout, regardless of whether the order or carton is marked as complete. Embrace newfound efficiency and enjoy a frictionless checkout experience, enabling you to optimize your operations and serve your customers faster than ever before. Elevate your business with the enhanced capabilities of our latest software release.

TrackID Status update screen migrated into HTML5

We are excited to announce a monumental migration that will transform how you interact with the Track ID Status Update screen. Previously limited to the Windows Mobile application, this critical functionality has been seamlessly transitioned into an HTML5 platform, harnessing the power of modern technology. Embrace the benefits of this upgrade as you navigate a user-friendly interface optimized for ease of use and efficiency.

Put Away and Put Away consolidate OPENBINZONE rule to cater to different receiving warehouses

We understand that our clients have unique requirements when it comes to warehouse management. To address this, we have significantly enhanced our Put Away functionality. In the past, the Put Away and Put Away Consolidate screens only suggested bins within the same warehouse as the TrackID. However, we have listened to our clients and recognized the need for a more flexible approach. With our latest release, we are thrilled to introduce a game-changing update. The Put Away and Put Away Consolidate screens will no longer filter suggestions based on warehouse boundaries. Instead, the system intelligently suggests bins from other warehouses with matching zones. This means you can optimize your warehouse allocation by considering available bins with appropriate zones, regardless of location. Embrace newfound efficiency as you break free from the constraints of traditional warehouse management. Seamlessly allocate stock to bins in different warehouses based on matching zones, enhancing productivity and maximizing space utilization. Experience our software’s freedom and flexibility, empowering you to tailor your warehouse operations to your needs.

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