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DATASCOPE PREMIUM WMS Accreditation Course Progress

One of our key service areas is providing the best knowledge and training to our DSPs and customers. We launched FASTTRACK WMS, our mid-tier WMS solution for SYSPRO customers, early last year and introduced our new DATASCOPE University and FASTTRACK WMS Accreditation course. We encourage anyone with SYSPRO consulting experience to enroll and complete the course. We proudly confirm that all our DSPs (DATASCOPE Solution Providers) and internal staff have achieved this accreditation, underscoring our commitment to excellence.
We are working hard on phase 2 of the DSU rollout, which entails the development of the DATASCOPE PREMIUM WMS Accreditation course. This course will focus on the complete DATASCOPE PREMIUM WMS solution with courses on the best Project Methodology for implementing large-scale WMS projects, insights into our DSP Model, and guidance on optimizing your A-Class Warehouse. It also includes various software functionality-focused modules that provide in-depth knowledge of advanced features within our premium software suite. Among the advanced modules featured in the course are E.Net Business Objects, Plugins, VBScripting, Task Management, Load Planning, and Quality Controls, to mention a few. These advanced modules are designed to equip participants with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate and harness the full potential of our premium WMS solution.

While the course is currently only accessible to our DSPs, the official launch date is later this year. We eagerly anticipate welcoming participants to embark on this educational journey, where they will acquire the expertise necessary to excel in warehouse management.

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