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DATASCOPE Business Plan 2022

Every year since 2006, DATASCOPE has held a Strategic Planning Workshop for our employees to discuss the company’s plans for the future and create a Business Plan for the upcoming year. (Check out our 2021 Business Plan and the year-end recap we just published.)

Our goal each year is to achieve at least 85% of the Business Plan. The strategically important objectives that our teams come up with are then built into the individual goals and performance is measured against these.


This year’s workshop took place from January 11-12. With a theme of “Fast Track”, very much based on the NASCAR motorsport racing concept, our 2022 Business Plan is divided into 7 focus areas:

  1. Big Hitters – These important criteria drive the business forward and must be achieved this year in order to strategically position the company for the future.
  2. People Lead – We believe our staff is our greatest asset, which is why this area focuses on managing our people, making them feel engaged, and helping them develop their careers.
  3. Image Enhanced Through Excellent Customer Service – This area focuses on how we can improve the service we provide to both our DATASCOPE Solution Partners (DSPs) and our customers year after year.
  4. Financial Objectives Met – This covers revenue targets we hope to meet and best practices for effective corporate governance.
  5. Operational Excellence – We want to dramatically improve our DSPs’ self-reliance so that they can take the lead on projects with us and, eventually, feel comfortable enough to run projects on their own.
  6. Marketing Objectives Met – This is a broad area that covers everything from how we can enhance our marketing strategy to how we can raise brand awareness on a global scale.
  7. Strategic Focus – Our strategic focus this year is on our 2022 Development Roadmap and the advancement of a fast-track implementation strategy for our customers and partners.

Over the past 17 years, we’ve proven time and again that these Strategic Planning Workshops have helped us create reliable Business Plans that have built DATASCOPE WMS into the “Leading WMS Solution for SYSPRO ERP”.

We’re incredibly excited about the remainder of 2022 and we look forward to sharing our success with you! Schedule your free software demo today to start working with us!

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