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DATASCOPE Business Plan 2021

DATASCOPE has big plans for 2021. Becoming the premium WMS solution provider for the global SYSPRO market starts with a dedication to the DATASCOPE staff, ensuring a high standard of customer service, and maintaining operational excellence through impeccable attention to detail. Here’s how we plan to level up in 2021.


By the end of 2021, we hope to have all DATASCOPE staff complete the DATASCOPE University (DSU) courses and modules, including the latest software release notes. DSU courses are currently being refreshed with updated learning materials and help files, advanced search functionality, and dramatic improvements to the DATASCOPE Solutions Provider (DSP) portal, including much more information on the Project Life Cycle, DS WMS Tools and Resources. We’ll also be providing technical skills training in the form of a comprehensive set of tutorial videos covering topics like VB, Crystal, SSRS/SQL, HTML5 and KPIs.

In an effort to improve the management of all DATASCOPE employees and their performance, we will maintain Integrated Management Practices (IMP). This methodology involves 6 weekly one-on-ones to review and record employee progress against their weekly goals and issue mid-year and end-of-year performance reports. Our IMP process is a way to manage employee performance more transparently so that everyone knows exactly what is expected of them.


Maintaining a high standard of customer service and operational excellence is a top priority. Through our commitment to quality, impeccable attention to detail, and highly competent DSPs, we can help you optimize your inventory supply chain management from the bottom up.

We are in the process of creating a DATASCOPE WMS Implementation Guide to act as a step-by-step tutorial for implementing DATASCOPE software. This includes a guide in the DSP portal, as well as videos and documentation covering the entire installation process before going live. We hope to have this complete by the end of the year. Other goals include scheduling quarterly DSP webinars, building a DSP community portal, adding a handful of suggested Android hardware configurations into the DSP portal, updating our label template booklet, and completing a full set of customizable Crystal reports.

To encourage more client self-reliance, we’ll be covering all of our major software modules in-depth with detailed monthly webinars published on our website. During these webinars, we will demonstrate key settings, features and customization options within the software. We anticipate uploading more than 20 webinars to our website this year.


Maintaining a strategic focus and ensuring a successful business plan means sticking to our development roadmap and making sure clients, customers and partners all feel comfortable customizing and using the DATASCOPE software on their own. We offer support for custom implementation solutions to fit your business needs. By providing the most comprehensive Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) for SYSPRO, DATASCOPE aims to be the premium WMS for the SYSPRO market worldwide.

To see for yourself why we’re so excited about 2021, schedule your free software demo today!

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