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Continuing Investments in DATASCOPE WMS / SYSPRO Integrations

DATASCOPE WMS continues to invest heavily into new software modules and features that can be integrated with SYSPRO ERP software. After a busy 2019 and 2020, all of the software’s newest features are being managed in our 2021 Business Plan, which includes a product roadmap with estimated delivery times and upcoming launch dates.

Here is a review of some of our accomplishments from the last couple of years, as well as the most exciting new developments you can expect from our warehouse management system in 2021.



Our online help framework was completed in 2019. In 2020, we updated the help text to represent that latest version of software. Our goal was to lay the framework out in a very user-friendly manner so that our clients and partners would feel more comfortable and self-sufficient when using the software.


In 2018, we launched our HTML5 mobile device platform. It operates on Android and supports Task Management and Interleaving in multiple languages. Each of the over 200 scanner applications have been re-written into the new environment. A development tool box allows users to copy existing scanner applications to a new menu and add their own scripted logic.


A number of modules within the software have been given improved rollback functionality to effectively reverse transactions when IT infrastructure fails the environment. The focus has mainly been on the many packaging and checkout solutions, as these modules process a wide range of transactions into SYSPRO and any system failure can result in manual invoicing.


The DATASCOPE WMS product already offered a wide range of reports and KPI tools for real-time visibility of data and more accurate inventory management, but we have been able to dramatically grow this side of the software. We wanted to ensure the KPI software would be integrated with DATASCOPE WMS and SYSPRO, offering a wider range of standard SQL views.



Imagine assigning a picker the task of cycle counting a bin location when you see he’s already picking in the same area of the floor. Over the last couple of years, we’ve been able to develop an advanced Task Management module that does just that, guiding operators on the floor at a task level. This task-driven framework allows our clients to allocate tasks more intelligently and customize task allocation for highly-effective task interleaving.


Our Cycle Counting Scheduler has been enhanced to give a more user-friendly interface with far more tracking and control over stock location and movement. We’ve also improved the cycle count by stock code function, and upgraded the Cycle Count and Stock Count modules with the ability to trigger a task-driven recount process. With basic cycle counting, full bin counts, sophisticated priority-based zone binning, and a number of other fully-supported cycle counting types and software configuration settings, the Cycle Count module can be easily manipulated for your specific environment.


Used in both LTL and small parcel orders, our MSN Grocery Checkout module is a dynamic, full-pack station check that can handle any number of extremely specific picking and checkout instructions, regardless of the area of the warehouse the order is being processed in. On top of the simple scanner checks, tote checkout and line mass checkouts, the DATASCOPE software can be used for packing and checkout of any order type you might come across.


Acting as the “drum” of the warehouse, our Sales Order Wave Release module is one of the most detailed modules in the DATASCOPE software. After analyzing all of the orders and order types coming in from SYSPRO, this module provides you with the tools you need to group all of your customers’ orders logically, process them optimally within the warehouse, and prioritize them appropriately. Now you can control order volume perfectly without worrying about overloading or underloading your warehouse operations.


As the interface between DATASCOPE WMS, SYSPRO and any third-party software shipping solutions you might be using on your warehouse floor, our TMS module automatically integrates with the shipping software to facilitate automation on the warehouse, distribution center or shop floor. Containing fully-customizable plug-ins to further enhance the integration, orders can be processed much more easily, with the automation taking care of shipping and labeling in the background.


All of DATASCOPE’s clients and partners have access to DATASCOPE University, DATASCOPE’s online learning portal that contains a variety of free WMS software training resources. These resources include courses on managing software installation and administration, as well as hardware configuration and other technical training. While striving to keep the training as relevant, informative and engaging as possible, DATASCOPE also has a well-developed, ongoing client support system made up of our network of DATASCOPE Solutions Providers (DSPs).

DATASCOPE is a premier provider of custom WMS software and supply chain optimization solutions for the SYSPRO community and we want to help you maximize your software training ROI by ensuring everyone within your organization feels comfortable adding their own functionality specific to your business needs. Schedule your software demo today to see the benefits of DATASCOPE WMS firsthand and start optimizing your supply chain today!

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